Power Button PSD Template
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The PSD template of power button adopts high resolution design. This is a simple and clean switch button with two states. Today, we show the latest PSD template for power buttons. This is a simple and small button, which can switch anything on and off. In addition, we will release this power button PSD for free! Go directly to the download area and grab the power button! Power buttons are very popular in all types of mobile applications. This is a simple and effective switching mode. The identifiability of the power button is very important. After all, when you press a button, you need to know exactly what it does, right? Therefore, we adopt the general power symbol and make the PSD template of the power button. Power buttons are very useful for mobile and web applications. Put your imagination into action and consider how to use our free PSD file correctly. For example, build a music player GUI using the power button PSD. By using our ready-made graphics, you will save time. The PSD file for the power button is properly organized. This means that all layers are named and grouped. Grouping and naming the layers in the PSD file correctly is a lifeline for web designers. It saves time and frustration. It is much easier to use properly organized files. In addition, the size of PSD file is very small, only 91KB! Our power button PSD template is suitable for: mobile applications. Graphical user interface. Web applications. Website. If you need GUI inspiration, please visit our CSS library. You are sure to get inspiration and create more graphics. Power Button PSD Template Preview Large Full Layer Power Button PSD Template Resolution: 1680x1050px File Format: PSD File Size: 0.091 MBAuthor: Free PSD File Note, if you want to spread our free products, you need to link back to this article. Links to download pages or download archives are not allowed.

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