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The Infographic PSD template previews the Infographic PSD set, which contains a large number of bar, pie, area, circle, 3D, column, and line charts. Basically, we have provided guarantee for any project that needs charts. This huge PSD sets up the free software you are looking for. Download it now! Information graphics PSD template design is simple and clear. Our information graphics PSD will be used in various website designs, manuals and presentations. We have made a huge set of information graphics, and now we give away PSD source completely for free! Nowadays, it is very important to present statistics, results and data in a clear and understandable way. Also, when you show your numbers, you may need to impress customers or convince viewers that what you show is worth the time and money. Here is our Information Graphics PSD-this is a great start for your design, and our graphs will show your information as clearly as possible. By using our infographic PSD template, you're almost done displaying the data. Simply open the PSD file with AdobePhotoshop and adjust the levels, percentages, and colors to suit your statistics. It's as simple as that. You don't need ninja skills. Consider using some JS effects to improve our information graphics PSD. Using these effects is a very good idea, because adding some transitions and hovers will make your chart look better. This is our suggestion. If you want the audience to believe that your data is good and that you know your business, keep the chart as clear as possible. Don't be crazy about shadows and gradients, but design clear and clear charts, just as the data and statistics themselves are clear and simple. In any case, our chart will come in handy. That's why we recommend you download the free PSD file and keep it for later use. Our information graph PSD set contains: line graph. Pie chart bar chart bar chart. Area map. Donut chart. Three-dimensional chart. Three-dimensional bar chart. Timeline template. Resolution: 2159x8766 pxFile Format: PSDFile Size: 1.700 MB Font: Roboto, Number of Items in Oswald Collection: 15 Author: Free PSD File Note, if you want to disseminate information about our freeware, you need to link back to this article. Links to download pages or download archives are not allowed.

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