Flat iPhone 5C Mockup Template
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Despite Samsung's aggressive market penetration strategy, Apple remains an undisputed force in the handheld digital device market. However, as you know, Apple has provided some product adjustments to respond to the needs of price-sensitive consumer groups. So when Apple decided to launch the iPhone 5S last year, they also launched the relatively inexpensive iPhone 5C. For mobile application developers, the two handset versions are identical because they support the same hardware functionality. However, for designers, things may be a little tricky. The reason: These two phones look different. The cheaper 5C version, which Apple sells as a phone U "'": UF or color phone, comes in a range of expressive and vibrant colors. We have shared with you a flat iPhone 5S Psd vector model. Considering the different appearance of the iPhone5C, we decided to design another flat-panel iPhone5C model PSD for designers. The unique 5C border is easy to identify. Just like the iPhone 5s version, you can use this flat template design as a model framework for any iPhone application. Add a little expressive 5C color to the border to give your application a visual effect that complements your application design.

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