5 O’clock Shades
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Today we have a special freebie from the PixelKit team. This is an amazing icon set of 5 o'clock shadows. The free software includes a PSD file and 16 iOS application-style icons. If you are one of the developers who tend to outsource the design elements of your project, PixelKit can make your life easier. You don't have to worry about communicating guidelines correctly to designers, you don't have to worry about paying in advance for the work to be done, and you don't have to worry about waiting after the work is finished. Another major source of stress PixelKit can eliminate for web designers is when you get a job from an outsourced designer. This is not always what you expect. If you want to change, these changes can't be free. With PixelKit, you can eliminate the trouble of creating UI toolkits. However, before buying, it makes sense to see why UI suites are so important. Check out this special treatment-free PixelKit boot UI toolkit. You can download these modern HTML boot templates and use them to make your design more practical and cool.

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